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Jean elder sister


Jean elder sister came to visit for 10 days during xmass time Jean sister was 6 years older than her, she was very attractive a few extra kilos but still very sharply body, nise big breast, smooth white skin, beauty full face, I liked her from the first day we meet She has been a widow for two year's very friendly always with me. Jean told me to be careful about our relationship with her and her husband, she did not want Maggie to know or suspect, I said will be careful durring her stay, Jean said, perhaps I can interest Maggie in replacing me, I know she has not been with a man since her hu… Read more

Posted by Ageri2020 1 hour ago 1 335

Potential Threesome takes a Wild Turn for a "

Group SexFirst TimeAnal

A co-worker of mine, Josh, complained to me about not getting pussy for a long time. He had broke up with his girlfriend only three months back, and they had hooked up only one time since. He was frustrated. I let him know there was a woman who might hook up with him, but she was looking for a threesome. Josh said that would be fun because he always wanted an FFM, and I told him, "No, she wants two guys." He paused and said, that would still be fun but not if the guy's dick was near him. It was funny to hear because I knew this Asian woman, 5ft 7, and not super fit but not overweight. We'll… Read more

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A Quick Blowjob

First TimeHardcore

She was so gorgeous! I had to try something different with her. I was at the grocery store in the checkout line when a gorgeous girl with long red hair and blue eyes wheeled her basket up behind me. I smiled at her, and she returned a smile. Then I noticed that she had only three items in her cart. And since my cart was almost full, I made an easy decision. “Hi. Since you have only three things, why don’t you go ahead of me? My cart is full.” “Oh, thank you, sir! You’re so nice!” As we exchanged… Read more

Posted by CTHays 2 hours ago 316

Trained to be a slut down on the farm.

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

I’m Trudy and married to Dave there isn’t many thinks we haven’t dabbled in one way or another, so were looking for something new and exciting to try. We were going through one of the swing sites when we found an ad from a man in his 70s, he was looking to train a slut. We sent him an email telling the guy l was interested, a few days later we got a reply, he would like to meet and discuss training me, so we made a date the guy invited us to his house which turned out to be a small farm. When the front door open my legs turned to jelly the guy had piecing blue eyes his voice made my heart ski… Read more

Posted by davtru 2 hours ago 420 100%

Slut's whoresome adventures in the farm


So you had a farm known as whorefarm where you breed whores. The whores range varied in quality and categories. You had premium whores , ****sluts, virgins , bitches , cowslut , piggies, masochists, assonly and fuckmeats to name a few. Everyday you and your customers come and select the whore they desire and use her and when youre done you'll send her back to the farm. So I was in the fuckmeat category , the lowest of them all and you came in for evaluation that day . All the fuckmeats were arranged in a line and everyone was on their fours with their arms and legs cuffed to maintain the posi… Read more

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 She wore no make up (not that she really needed any), her auburn hair was cut short that summer, very elegant and very practical for a young woman who like to do sports. She wore a decent gray skirt that hung loosely on her hips and that went to just below her knees. She wore white sneakers and pink socks. She also wore a plain white tee-shirt and an old denim jacket, because even though it was late June, it was not a warm day. She parked her bicycle up against hedge and then then she opened the wrought iron gate and went up to the house and rang the doorbell. “Hi,” she said, as the do… Read more

Posted by Ortsal 3 hours ago 140

Condom Surprise


As a key rattled in the door my heart leapt and started pounding with excitement. I was nervous as hell but thrilled at what was to come. My wife had been out for the evening and I had been waiting for her to return from her adventures. She had been cheating on me, if you can call it that, since I not only knew about it beforehand but actively encouraged her to do so, even helping her get ready for her date. As she had prepared herself to go out we had discussed how much she was looking forward to getting pounded by her boyfriend's big cock, what positions she was going to get taken in (all o… Read more

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FetishGroup SexTaboo

"Come on boys," I heard my mom shout from the next room, "Pies are almost ready." I rushed to put down what I was doing and could hear the eager running feet of my two elder brothers hurrying to join us. Mom's pies were something really special, a treat that we were all only to eager to eat up. We raced into the living room together and there we three were met with quite a sight. My mom lay on her back on the dining table. She was completely naked except for a white lace garter belt holding up a pair of white stockings. Those stockings covered her gorgeous long smooth legs that were spread w… Read more

Posted by backup131313 4 hours ago 838

Birth Day Creampie

FetishGroup Sex

My birthday was today. So my wife, Alison, kept bugging me. "What do you want this year, you know, in the bedroom?" You see every year, since we got married, I get a special treat from her. In addition to the regular stuff, I can request something a little kinky. So this year, I decided I'd finally ask her for something I've wanted for a long time. I told her that I wanted to eat her creampie. "I'm making you a cake. Don't you want something special from me in the bedroom, too?" I told her it was something special. Now she looked confused. I always have wanted to go down on her after we… Read more

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There I was in the kitchen, washing my hands, when I heard the phone ring. I didn't know where my wife, Jill was. I had been out working on the truck. She had gotten mad at me, because we weren't going to spend the day together. I needed the truck for work the next day. Well, back to the story. I picked up the phone and was about to say hello, when I heard my wife say, "Hello." I thought to myself that this was good. She didn't leave after all. Apparently, she didn't know I had picked up the other phone either. I was about to hang up, when I recognized the voice on the other end. It was Jill'… Read more

Posted by backup131313 4 hours ago 290 50%

The failed job interview


The job interview had been a minor catastrophe; Marie knew that she was not really qualified for holding that job, but she had went anyway. She had sat in front of a woman and two men in a stylish conference room and had made a fool of herself, had made it certain for all that she had been a bit too ambitious. She had also been trying too hard to be funny and she had dressed a bit too sexy. She knew that the men had liked her and that the woman didn´t. She had been close to desperate. Being on social security was not as fun as it may sound. She had money for her rent and food and that was abo… Read more

Posted by Ortsal 5 hours ago 801 80%

Her most erotic experience (so far)


I’ve been instructed to share some of my experiences. Not something that comes naturally, but as I always do as I am told, here goes. Although we have known each other for some time, I began exploring my submissiveness in my mid 30’s, before we got together. Some of those moments stand out as being especially erotic so I will tell you about one in particular. I was married but my husband wasn’t (and still isn’t) the dominating type and I really yearned to experience being with a man that was able to take control but also be tender with me. I met Tony in a chat room. I was attracted by h… Read more

Posted by Onanon61 5 hours ago 233

Mona Knew The Best


Mona Knew The Best By: Londebaaz Chohan Mona couldn't wait any longer. She needed Jevon's cock buried deep inside her pussy to extinguish the fire burning there. She was waking up, next morning after a grand slam of fucking last night and the deep sleep. Her eyes were opening slowly, adjusting to the day light in the room. Jevon’s hot presence and closeness was felt on her body as she snuggled on to her a bit more. His hard cock was still nestled between her ass crack and the big head was rubbing against her cunt. She could feel his cock sending the bolts of energy through her body… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 5 hours ago 1 155 100%

The High School Bully Part 3

First TimeGay MaleTaboo

It was after ten thirty when I awoke to the bed moving. I could still hear partiers out in the living room, though it was quieter than it had been before. People were settling down, some leaving, and the remaining probably didn't want the neighbors to call the cops on them for disturbance. "What the hell?" As the bed shifted again, I got up on my elbow to look over toward my desk. There was Hunter, dressed in a pair of boxers, sliding into the other side of the bed. I quickly began gathering the blankets up around me. "Oh, no! You get the floor for as long as I must share my room with you! Ge… Read more

Posted by ndamood4sum 6 hours ago 421 100%

The High School Bully Part 2

First TimeTabooGay Male

"We would like to thank everyone for coming to our dinner party in celebration of our upcoming wedding," Frank said as he raised his glass of champagne, his arm tucked around Rachel's waist as they grinned out at their friends and family. I watched with disdain near the hallway. The party had been going on for an hour already and didn't look like it would be ending anytime soon. I'd already had several Aunts and Uncles come up to me with worried looks and patronizing, "How are you doing, Todd?" It had been almost four years since I'd been released from the hospital and people still walked on… Read more

Posted by ndamood4sum 6 hours ago 505 100%

Nikki Comes To Clean


With the washing done and the machine behaving itself I folded up Daisy’s clothes for her feeling how soft and fresh her panties were, a good job well done. I had a couple of text conversations with Nikki and was looking forward to her coming over after school to tidy up and make the bed ready for Jody who after a couple of emails was arriving later this evening and I have to thank Cindy for setting it up for me. The fee was paid for 2 nights and I allowed her a small discount as she was arriving late, the day promises to be eventful. I sorted out some old clothes for the charity shop and in… Read more

Posted by britguy 6 hours ago 693 100%

Sammy Dark Magic


We're on a adventure to Onyxia's Lair myself and my Shadow Priest friend Sammy. We have to share a mount because she forgot hers in the stable. but I don't mind, you see i remove my plate armor to make the ride more comfortable. my cocks been pressed into the crack of her ass since the start of our journey. She don't seem to mind she flips her shoulder length black hair as she looks back and gives me a knowing smile. I bet she don't know I want to throw her down on all 4's get behind her and ram my hard cock deep into her in this god forsaken swamp. But we have people waiting and i cant fulfil… Read more

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#8 at the Gangbang.

Group SexFetishTaboo

She gave me a business card with a phone number & address on it. The card was well made with ornate vine & flower artwork punctuated with a tagline in calligraphy that read, "Erotic Adventures with Allison." She told me to be at the address listed on the card at 7PM that night. She said, "We will see if you measure-up." This cryptic statement was intriguing but intimidating. I knew who she was, how could I've forgotten her? She was Allison Mott, the head cheerleader from my high school. It had been two decades since graduation, but her youth & beauty was not diminished by time. Her… Read more

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Forever sissy?

FetishMatureFirst Time

This story is based on something that really happened to me. Yesterday i cam out of the shower and, as always, looked at myself in the mirror. i always get pleasure looking at my soft little impotent cock resting on top of my ball sac. My fat titties bulging out to the sides and my rolls of flabby fat!! i've always said i look like i'm pregnant!! My pubic hair is gone and my underarms are smooth too. However my wife will just not allow the rest of my body to be smooth. Anyway, getting back to my little dick. Seeing that little oft piece of gristle sitting there always gets me horny. i get horn… Read more

Posted by queersteve70 7 hours ago 370 50%

Black BBW bartender part 2

Interracial SexHardcore

Black BBW bartender part 2 (To recap part one, Erika and I made out behind the bar and then after bar close, gave me a blowjob / cum between tits after titty fucking) Erika and I kept sexting each other for a few days sending spicy messages and pics. Erika informed me that she was working till close again and really wanted me to come down to the bar. I messaged back that I'd love to but wouldn't be till later. She sent me a pic of her 44dd's and said that they were all mine and that they were waiting for me to lick and suck on them. Damn near walking into the bar with a hard on I saw Erika w… Read more

Posted by Justforfun86 8 hours ago 395 100%